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ORION Open Science has opened an exciting new funding call for co-creative research projects worth up to 100,000€. One co-creative project that brings on board a variety of different groups, such as researchers, industry, government, charities and the general public, to get involved with research from design through to completion will be funded.

The aim of this call is to make research activities in life sciences and biomedicine more open, transparent, accessible, relevant and impactful for research and for society. The call is very open and we encourage you to be as imaginative as possible.

To be eligible, projects must be based around research in the life sciences/biomedicine and involve at least three different stakeholders. One stakeholder must be an ORION partner, but others involved can come from a variety of backgrounds including, but not limited to: academia, industry, government, funders, regulators, educators, charities, civil societies, patient groups and the general publics.

Projects must be based around research in the life sciences and involve VA, or one of the other ORION partners. 

We are looking for projects that are: 

  • Research-related: Building on a relevant research topic in life sciences/biomedicine and directly engaging researchers, especially early stage researchers (PhD students) 
  • Co-creative: Including at least three different stakeholder groups throughout the whole lifetime of the project 
  • Innovative: Original and inventive ideas are encouraged. Classic public engagement projects will not be considered (e.g. scientific cafés, open days, school workshops, etc.) 
  • Relevant and impactful: Addressing their relevance to society and how they will achieve long-term impacts 
  • ORION-aligned: Projects should follow Open Science and RRI principles. Projects are also encouraged to include an international dimension 

Ideas can be developed in collaboration with VA, so if you have an idea in mind or are interested in finding out more contact  with Maria Hagardt Project Manager for the ORION Open Science project at VA.

More information

For further details about the new call see the funding call guidelines on the ORION Open Science website.

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