About Public & Science Sweden

Public & Science Sweden is a Swedish non-profit membership organisation that works to promote dialogue and openness between researchers and the public.

We believe that greater communication and collaboration in research is needed to find sustainable solutions to societal challenges.

Our members consist of some 100 organisations, authorities, universities, companies and associations. In addition, it has a number of individual members. The organisation was founded in January 2002 and is funded through membership fees, project grants and a grant from the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research.

Public & Science main goals and target groups

  • To ensure that the public understands what science is, how research works, and its role in society.
  • Researchers to have knowledge of attitudes to science, access to different communication methods and incentives for undertaking dialogue and collaboration.
  • Decision-makers to make use of science and recognise the value of dialogue between researchers and other parts of society.
  • Public & Science Sweden to have a prominent role as a national and international expert organisation and as a civil society organisation with many members representing different sectors of society across Sweden.

Public & Science has four strategies for achieving these goals:

Knowledge development

Public & Science carries out studies and surveys with the aim of increasing knowledge about the relationships between science and society at large. This includes an annual VA Barometer into the Swedish public’s general attitudes towards science and researchers as well as more specific studies into societal groups such as journalists, teachers and the business community.


Public & Science arranges many events and activities aimed at stimulating dialogue between researchers and the public in new ways and in novel arenas. It is the Swedish national co-ordinator for European Researchers’ Night, the annual European science festival. As part of European Researchers’ Night, VA also runs the Researchers’ Grand Prix, a science communication competition for researchers, and mass experiments in schools, which engage pupils in real research. In the EU project AllthingsBio.PRO,VA is also involved in the development of a serious game to engage citizens on the topic of the bioeconomy.


We collect and disseminate knowledge and experience gained by ourselves and others and as an organisation. Communication and especially Science communication is at the heart of Public & Science’s work and we utilise a range of communication tools, including traditional and social media, newsletters, as well as face-to-face activities, such as conferences.


Public & Science also undertakes advocacy and development work, engaging in public debate and in dialogue with decision-makers. We seek to inform and influence research policy at both a national and international level. Public & Science Sweden is currently a partner in a number of European projects: YouCount co-creating social innovations and policy making through youth-focused citizen science; and GenderactionPlus, a project seeking to advance gender equality in the European Research Area through capacity building, policy exchange and coordination, as well as the provision of strategic policy advice. Public & Science has also developed a new Swedish portal to help counter myths against covid vaccination – pratavaccin.se

Our vision:

Science accessible to everyone!

Public & Science Sweden internationally

Public & Science is an outward-looking organisation engaged in projects with many International partners and organisations. Read more about the experience and expertise that we can bring to partnerships.

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