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The business community plays an important role in the research ecosystem. Both by carrying out its own research and by applying results from academic institutions to create solutions to societal needs.

Personer står och pratar runt ett bord
Thomas Nygren, associate professor at Uppsala University and project manager for The News Evaluator, talks about The News Evaluator at the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences’ Research2Business Summit 2019. Photo: Fredrik Brounéus, VA

In 2008 VA carried out a multi-part study to explore how the business world regards science and research, and the relationships between researchers and companies. The main component is an interview survey carried out with senior executives of a variety of companies. The survey is followed by five short articles, where experts from business and academia share their reflections on the findings. In another part, the science-related content of a selection of trade journals is analysed. Finally, additional perspectives on the business–research relationship are studied in a survey of the public’s views of company-based research, which also includes a literature survey.

A short summary of the results is found in The Value of Knowledge in the Business World, 2008:5. The results were presented and discussed at a session organised by VA during ESOF 2010: Innovation beyond the lab – report from VA’s ESOF seminar.

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