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The aim of Super MoRRI is to develop and improve methods for measuring activities within RRI (responsible research and innovation). VA is responsible for data collection within Sweden for this EU Horizon 2020 project which runs from 2019–2024.

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Super MoRRI builds on the work of the previous MoRRI project and has the aim of supporting better alignment of the research and innovation system with societal values ​​and needs. Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is a key concept in the EU’s Horizon 2020 framework programme. An important part of achieving this is developing indicators to be able to measure and monitor the extent to which RRI is taken into account at different levels. The MoRRI project (2014-2018) conceptualised and implemented the first monitoring and evaluation system for RRI in Europe and had a particular focus on indicators at the national level. Super MoRRI instead places emphasis on practices within different types of organisations. Another difference is that MoRRI was mostly about quantitative measures, while Super MoRRI will use a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods.

To carry out the data collection and surveys throughout Europe, the project has appointed 29 national correspondents in different countries. Gustav Bohlin, a researcher at VA, has been appointed correspondent for the project in Sweden. Prior to the start of the data collection, two digital meetings will be held in November and December 2020. Subsequently, two interview-based studies will be conducted with organisations that fund and carry out research, respectively.

Read more about the project and the 29 national correspondents.

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