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Ida Svanedal, a researcher at Mid Sweden University during a school visit, ForskarFredag 2017. Photo: Mid Sweden University.

The concept, in which schools are invited to ‘borrow a researcher’, has proven to be a popular and successful ForskarFredag activity for many years. Researchers visit schools, non-profit associations or workplaces, to talk about their work as a researcher and the wider societal context of their research.

Visits can take place either in person or online, enabling those who are not located close to universities or research institutes to also benefit from the experience. The exact format and focus of each visit is agreed upon between the researcher and the person booking the visit with the overall aim of encouraging educational and engaging discussion between participants.

Researchers are booked directly via an online booking platform (in Swedish only), which contains profiles of each of the participating researchers and their available slots. During 2023, researchers visited 373 school classes across the country, both in person and online. 

Researchers are recruited from a broad range of universities, research institutes and companies across the whole of Sweden and represent a huge range of fields, including STEM subjects, the humanities and social sciences. In 2024, Borrow a Researcher will be running during ForskarFredag in September.

Read more about the project on the web platform of ForskarFredag.

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