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On Saturday 22 April 2017, the March for Science will be taking place in over 500 cities around the world.  Thousands of people are expected to participate in Swedish marches to celebrate science taking place in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Umeå and Luleå. Over 80 Swedish organisations are supporting the initiative.

The March for Science originates from the USA, and involves scientists and the public coming together to highlight the importance of science and using research-based knowledge in society.

Concern about resistance to facts, alternative facts and fake news is one of the reasons behind the Swedish demonstrations, which aim to highlight the importance of examining sources, critical thinking and taking a scientific approach.

Activities in each of the cities will involve a march through the streets to a square, where participants will gather to listen to contributions from a range of speakers and artists, including representatives of the scientific community, other parts of society as well as opinion leaders.

The marches in Sweden are being organised by a number of organisations and volunteers. The Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science) is responsible for coordinating publicity as well as organising the March for Science in Stockholm.

Everyone is welcome to participate. Details about the marches and programmes can be found on the March for Science Sweden website.

March for Science in Sweden is a celebration of science and is non-political.

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