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A new anthology on youth and digital media contains a chapter on the News Evaluator. The open access book is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, and includes contributions from Denmark, Estonia, Finland Norway and Sweden.

The chapter is titled The News Evaluator. Evidence-based innovations to promote digital civic literacy. In the News Evaluator project, Uppsala University, RISE Interactive and VA work together to develop a tool for teaching digital source criticism in schools.

In the News Evaluator Election Special, thousands of teenagers helped out by assessing the credibility of political news in their digital newsfeeds during the week leading up to the Swedish general elections in September 2018.

The chapter is written by Thomas Nygren, associate professor at the Department of Education, Uppsala university, and Fredrik Brounéus, researcher and press officer, VA.

The anthology Youth and News in a Digital Media Environment – Nordic-Baltic Perspectives is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and is published by Nordicom, Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research.

Find out more and download the book here.

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