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Now, N.Ö.R.D. is open for contributions! N.Ö.R.D. is a digital competition for those who want to join the Researchers’ Grand Prix, but have no competition close by. Simply submit a video with your presentation and compete for a place in the final!

Final of the Researchers’ Grand Prix 2017.

Do you want to develop your presentation skills and become better at explaining what your research is about? Then you should take part in the Researchers’ Grand Prix! Local competitions are held in seven places in the country during ForskarFredag, on the last weekend in September. If there is no Researchers’ Grand Prix competition near you, you can participate in N.Ö.R.D. (our national online competition) instead and compete for a place directly in the national finals.

How to take part in N.Ö.R.D:

Record a video in Swedish or English where you present your research for no longer than four minutes. If you get through to the final, you will receive personal coaching from a rhetoric expert to improve your presentation and stage presence. You will then present your research in the Researchers’ Grand Prix final on Nalen’s main stage in Stockholm on November 26th. You never know, maybe you’ll take home first place! Read more here!

Do you have a competition near you?

If you are working at Blekinge Technical University, University of Borås, Lund University, University of Skövde, Mälardalen University, Stockholm University, KTH or Karolinska Institute, you have the opportunity to participate in your local competition in connection with the science festival ForskarFredag. You’ll get personal coaching and will compete for a place in the finals against 3-6 other contestants. Contact the project manager at your institution or send an email to [email protected] and we will help you get in touch with the right person.

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