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A position paper for the new EU framework programme, FP9, by the Swedish SwafS and RRI advocacy platform.

The Swedish Advocacy Platform for SwafS and RRI hereby presents its vision for EU’s next framework programme for research and innovation (FP9). The position paper specifically targets, and fully embraces, the principles of Open Science and Responsible Research and Innovation, RRI. The Advocacy Platform involves some fifty stakeholders actively involved in science and society issues in Sweden and is coordinated by VA.

The following key areas needs to be considered and included in the development of the new programme:

  • Opening up Science to Society – for a Sustainable Future
  • Engaging, involving and mobilising society and citizens
  • Science education – the basis for scientific literacy and scientific careers
  • Open Access – the key to achieving an open knowledgeable society
  • Gender mainstreaming – in organisations, project implementation and evaluation
  • Reaching the goals – evaluating and communicating scientific impacts.

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