2021 Trends in science communication – And the role of the Covid-19 pandemic


2 februari 2021, kl. 11:00–12:00
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Welcome to the webinar ”2021 Trends in Science Communication – and the role of the Covid-19 pandemic”. VA’s Secretary general, Cissi Askwall, will be part of the panel.


Mike Schaefer, Professor of Science Communication at IKMZ, University of Zurich, Switzerland. Fields of interest; Science communication, environmental and climate change communication, public perceptions of science and technology, science-related populism and conspiracy theories.

Anne Steenstrup-Duch, Visibility is key to promote science in society, and with communication she works to engage key stakeholders as well as the general population. SINTEF Energy communication department awarded CHARGE Energy Award: ”World’s Best Organisation Brand 2020”. She will also share recent data on trust in vaccines from Norway.

Cissi Askwall, Secretary general of Vetenskap & Allmänhet, VA (Public & Science). This Swedish national non-profit association promotes dialogue and openness between the public and researchers through science communication, public engagement and stakeholder involvement. Cissi is also President of the European Science Engagement Association, EUSEA.

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N.B. Please note that the time zone for the webinar is CET – Central European Time


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