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Inspiring ERA is a new EU Horizon Europe project seeking to support and promote the successful implementation of the ERA Policy Agenda. Vetenskap & Allmänhet (Public & Science) is one of six European partners, who will be coordinating community building and communication activities within the project, which runs from December 2023 to November 2026.

Project partners in Bonn at the kick-off meeting.

Project partners met in Bonn on 13 December to kick-start the project. It was also an opportunity to meet members of the ERA Forum, the European Commission expert group of representatives from Member States and EFTA/EEA countries, responsible for enhancing coordination and implementation of the objectives of the European Research Area. Inspiring ERA will be working closely with the ERA Forum to identify needs and priority topics with the 20 ERA actions to focus on. The 20 ERA Actions encompass a wide range of topics to strengthen research and innovation in Europe – from open science, gender equality and research careers to knowledge valorisation, promoting international cooperation and strengthening of citizen science. 

The main objectives of the Inspiring ERA project are to facilitate mutual learning and cooperation and to disseminate results and lessons learned from the implementation of the ERA Policy Agenda 2022-24, ultimately facilitating their broader uptake. Close and regular cooperation with the European Commission, the ERA Forum, and the new ERA Policy Platform are central to the overall approach of INSPIRING ERA, to ensure optimal flow of information.

Inspiring ERA’s activities include:

  • Providing an information hub and contact point for Member States, Associated Countries and stakeholders.
  • Building a community of practitioners within ERA that support mutual learning and exchange of good practices.
  • Communicating insights, lessons learned and results from the implementation of the ERA Actions.
  • Facilitating interaction, exchange and mutual learning through a programme of workshops and events.
  • Developing policy recommendations and guidelines on how to best implement institutional changes related to ERA policies.

The DLR Project Management Agency in Germany is coordinating the project. 

”Inspiring ERA marks a significant milestone in advancing the European Research Area. Our dedication goes beyond project timelines; we aim to establish a sustainable practitioner community, sharing lessons learned and contributing to practical guidelines for lasting impact on the European research landscape,” said Philip Ackermann, the Coordinator of Inspiring ERA at the DLR Project Management Agency.

Further information

Maria Hagardt or Helen Garrison at VA (Public & Science)

Read more about the project.

Inspiring ERA is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101131556


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