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VA (Public & Science) has announced its support to designate 2027 as a ”UN International Year of Science Engagement” (IYSE 2027). The initiative is being led by the Falling Walls Foundation. The aim is to promote science communication, co-creation and engagement in research as tools for finding solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

ForskarFredag Umeå 2022. Photo: Gabrielle Beans Picón

An International Year is a powerful tool for building global networks and effecting change. Through coordinated activities, events and campaigns, the UN’s International Years reach tens of millions of practitioners, scientists, industry leaders, policy makers and the public across the world. To date, there have only been a few science-related UN Years. The latest was this year – 2022 is the ”UN Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development”.

The purpose of IYSE 2027 is to provide the tools needed to enable researchers worldwide to engage with stakeholders and the public to test solutions and methods for societal change, and ultimately find solutions to the challenges that the world is facing. 

VA will support the implementation of IYSE 2027, primarily through sharing our expertise in public engagement, dialogue and science communication, as well as through our Swedish and European activities. The overall aim is to strengthen people’s access to knowledge and opportunities to participate in the scientific process, regardless of where in the world they live.

To be able to make informed choices in their daily lives, people need to have both access to knowledge and the ability to critically judge true information from false. By strengthening science engagement across the world, through a dedicated Year of Science Engagement, we not only strengthen science literacy, but also democracy.

/Maria Hagardt, International Relations & Communication Manager at VA and Hub Manager of FWE Hub Sweden.

Further information

Are you interested in supporting IYSE 2027? The initiative is open to organisations and individuals from academia, industry, policy-making, international development and civil society.  Read more on the IYSE website.  If you would like more information about Falling Walls Engage and the Hub Sweden network, please contact Maria Hagardt and read more on the VA website.


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