Online Science Café: Meeting the oceans


29 september 2023, kl. 14:00–15:00
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Welcome to an online European science café which aims to give new perspectives on the changing oceans around us. Join an interdisciplinary discussion on our relationship to the sea.

Photo: Henrik Dønnestad

The oceans and coastlines play a crucial role in how human societies as well as nature are affected by climate change. How will rising sea levels impact human cultures and wildlife along the coastline? How does acidification threaten life in and around the sea? What adaptations will be necessary in coastal cities and villages?

A Science Café is a meeting place for anyone who is curious about research. Over a cup of coffee or in this case online, the public and researchers sit down to discuss topical issues or new discoveries. Science Cafés are organised in many countries around the world.

The basic idea behind a Science Café is for the public’s questions and points of view to drive the conversation. The participating researcher or researchers provide a very brief introduction and then open the floor to everyone. Moderators make sure everyone has a chance to participate.


Prof. Cecilia Åsberg from Linköping University

”Professor of Gender, nature culture, keeps one leg wet on the salty “best-coast” of north-western Bohuslän, and the other in the East Sweden region, at Linköping University. She runs the Posthumanities Hub as a multiverse and multi-university research lab where art and science meet transnational gender studies, and more-than-human insight meet people. She publishes and teaches feminist research in cultural science and technology studies, environmental humanities and the emerging practices of posthumanities.”

Prof. Alain Deidun from the University of Malta  

”The main thematics that interest me are coastal (especially beach) and marine ecology, biological oceanography, ecological modelling, remote sensing monitoring of water quality, management and monitoring of marine living resources, ecology of islands, ecology of invasive species, Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s), Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and dynamics of jellyfish outbreaks.”


Ulrika Björkstén, Secretary General, Vetenskap & Allmänhet (Public & Science)


Friday, 29 September, CEST 14.00- 15.00.

Target group

General public and upper secondary pupils (16-18 years)


Digital, via Zoom. Register using the form at the bottom of the page to receive a link to the Science Café the day before the event.


Julia Brink

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