Bioeconomy in our daily life: What the tree can do!


28 maj 2020, kl. 10:30–11:45
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As part of the BLOOM Bioeconomy Webinar Series, The Nordic hub of the Bloom project is organising a free Pan-European webinar focusing on bioeconomy and What the tree can do, in collaboration with the Dutch hub.

This is the second webinar of five in the series. In the webinar you will meet four top researchers in the different fields of forest bioeconomy.

We will talk about opportunities related to wood fibres and lignin as well as perspectives of future research, forest availability and the role of bioeconomy in a sustainable future.


AGENDA – 28 May at 10:30-11:45 CET

Katariina Torvinen, Richard J.A. Gosselink, Josefin Illergård and Diana Tuomasjukka.



Cellulose Fibres products and opportunities

Katariina Torvinen – Research Manager, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
Meeting today’s global challenges requires continuous renewal of the product portfolio of forest industries. The general target is to lower the carbon footprint of recyclable products, for example by replacing plastics with cellulose-based alternatives. There are also opportunities for future applications, where inherent properties of ligno-cellulosic materials can be effectively used, exceeding their fossil-based counterparts.

Lignin products – from research to demonstration

Richard Gosselink Dr. ing., Wageningen Food & Biobased Research
The development of lignin based products from research to demonstration will be presented. Two cases will be highlighted: Lignin based resins for board materials and lignin based bio-asphalt.

New materials from the forest – from super-strong fibres to wood-batteries

Josefin Illergård – PhD, researcher/Platform coordinator Treesearch
New materials from the forest can be a key to the future bioeconomy and help to break our oil dependence. Even though we already today are using wood to produce materials, such as paper and packaging material, research shows that we can do much more! The presentation will give some examples of ongoing research and give a glimpse of future materials, such as the world’s strongest biomaterial (stronger than spider silk) or wood-based batteries!

Wood and forest – sustainable contributions to a circular bioeconomy

Diana TuomasJukka Dr., Principle Scientist / Team Lead Sustainable Bioeconomy, EFI – EUROPEAN FOREST INSTITUTE
What is the current contribution of forests and the wood based sector to the bioeconomy, and what is the potential and potential consequences? Which are the opportunities and challenges, and the recommendations for a sustainable circular bioeconomy.


Q&A Session and Panel Discussions about the role of the forest in a circular economy and a sustainable society.


Register for the webinar by filling in the registration form at the Bloom website.

The webinar will be held in English. Attendance is free of charge but registration is needed.

Do you have questions about forest bioeconomy research?
Don’t hesitate to send them to us! We will post them into the Bloom Dialogue Zone where you will be able to participate with your contributions. Please stay updated and visit the Dialogue Zone.

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